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27 12 2012

A continued conversation with proppaNOW

In July 2012 the BVRG showed proppaNOW, the artist-activist collective from Brisvegas, whose work we at the Hideout admire greatly. Of course during the time it took between original contact and the subsequent (successful) grant application to bring them down, the group had moved on somewhat from the work Megsie had in mind for the exhibition. Given the progressive nature of contemporary art practice, this is as one would expect –  especially from practices with strong socio-political leanings. And so by this year proppaNOW was running with The Black See, a no-holds barred look at racism in sport; aka systemic racism, period.

Anyhoo, realising that Bega just wasn’t ready for it, Megsie asked them with much regret to come up with something less ‘confronting’. Utterly shameful, we know – but proppaNOW were very gracious about it all and proposed existence resistence instead.

That underlying issue of censorship (albeit self-imposed) hasn’t sat at all well with Megsie (who is no shrinking violet as we know) and so she’s made the following piece, On reflection, in homage to the cause…


On reflection On reflection II

Megan Bottari, 'On reflection; in conversation with proppaNOW', found language

Megan Bottari, On reflection, found language


Word has it that proppaNOW will be exhibiting at Old Parliament House during Canberra’s centenary celebrations  next year. Omigod – soooo the perfect venue.

Bring it on.


proppaNOW in Melbourne…

22 07 2012


14 12 2010

Our greatest disappointment for the year is not catching the proppaNOW opening at CCAS last Friday (a work trip to Goulburn Regional Gallery was cancelled at the last minute due to flood alerts, which chopped our intended swing past Gorman House off at the very knees.)

Serious bummer dudes.

We will, nevertheless, endeavour to catch the show before it comes down (12th Feb).

Meanwhile, contemplate this…

(Check the war rugs, Nige.)

And this…

And this…

Too good.