Okay, okay…

26 11 2014

…notwithstanding that we did declare that ‘we are done’, perhaps it’s not inconceivable to imagine that we might pull the odd Nellie Melba when we deem instances to be worthy enough…

…like news from Jas…


Paul Sutton Conduits of the Invisible now showing at jas hugonnet gallery

                                               www.hugonnet.com.au      ph 0417 235 916

Now showing…

28 09 2014

…at jas hugonnet gallery…






Jacob Potter   New Work   

www.hugonnet.com.au    jas hugonnet gallery   0417 235 916

From Jas: another show…

9 08 2014





Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts     New Work     www.hugonnet.com.au   

jas hugonnet gallery   0417 235 916

jas hugonnet gallery at Nishi…

5 08 2014

How fabulous. Serious excitements in Canberra next week – a jas hugonnet gallery opening at Nishi…


Byrd, Doggerel, spray and house paint on cardboard, 1100 x 1200 cm

Byrd, Doggerel, spray and house paint on cardboard, 1100 x 1200 cm


byrd  natalie mather  emily valentine  james powditch  jacob potter  louise upshall  paul sutton  richard blackwell




an exhibition of work by artists represented by jas hugonnet gallery (online) at

opening night  6pm Friday 15 August until 4pm Sunday 31 August 

17 Kendall Lane NewActon Canberra 2601

gallery hours Monday to Friday 11-3pm Saturday and Sunday 11-4pm

(note Nishi Gallery is closed for a function on Saturday 23 August)

jas hugonnet gallery acknowledges the generous support of Nishi Gallery

RSVP’s to jas@hugonnet.com.au

jas hugonnet gallery


0417 235 916

Post-post drop: Jas at Nishi…


New Emily Valentine offering from Jas…

9 07 2014





Emily Valentine
Cockatoo feathers and mixed media
57 x 36 x 33cm

Latest from jas hugonnet gallery. Beyond sweet. Go here.

Byrd at jas hugonnet gallery…

22 12 2013

This news is a little late, but we’re posting it anyway.

We love Byrd (he and Hoon are showing at the BVRG in late 2014.)


Byrd, Box ticking, cat mesmerising parasite.

Anyhoo, he’s now at jas hugonnet gallery  – check it out.

Latest from Jas…

3 02 2013

jas 1

Richard Blackwell


now showing

jas hugonnet gallery www.hugonnet.com.au

To arrange an appointment to view or for media images, please call 0417 235 916

or contact the gallery via the website.

Image Richard Blackwell, Speculative Planar Drawing # 10, 2013, 1016 x 838 mm,  marker pen on paper


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