Prisoners of the Crown Open Studio Day…

28 10 2017

Prisoners of the Crown’s annual Open Studio Day is fast approaching, for those of you tootling around the Far South Coast and curious enough to poke around our studio workshops and gallery…




Contemporary Jewellery and Studio Glass

Open from 10am – 4pm, 12th November

Follow Google Maps and keep an eye out for Maurice de Ute…




[Only 15 sleeps! n(Ed)]


Open Studio Day at Prisoners of the Crown…

20 10 2016


Maurice de Ute

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 13th (only 25 sleeps!)


Courthouse, Wyndham, NSW 2550

For further information have a mosey around the website (here) and/or email us at  




1 02 2015

We’ve just realised that we have completely neglected to post any progress reports re Prisoners of the Crown! Dear oh dear, what a shocking oversight!


So: Megsie is still patiently(!) waiting for her cold-shop, but Ginger is quietly getting underway…


Ginger Bottari, Prototype brooch for the Papillon series (saw-pierced titanium and brass, layered and welded, cubic zirconia)



Ginger Bottari, Caged Pearls, 925 silver and South Sea pearls.


To (a) do a catch-up and (b) keep abreast of Prisoners of the Crown biz, go here.

You’ve got a shopping itch to scratch? Then just make a beeline for PoC’s Atelier page, here.

Shameless pride…

21 11 2012


La Groppa just sent through the portal to the catalogue for the ANU School of Art’s Graduating Exhibition 2012.

Serious excitements here at the Hideout – bubba does good…!!!


Ginger’s opening at Bilk…

15 10 2012

The Gang’s ashamed to have to report that we missed Ginger’s first public exhibition proper at Bilk Gallery in Manuka on the 5th Oct – it coincided, unfortunately, with Nicola Dickson’s opening at the BVRG.

Bummer dudes, but La Groppa was on hand to record the occasion thank goodness…



Ging had some of her cute little ratties in it…



The exhibition’s on for a while, if anyone’s moseying around Manuka…


Some more Ging biz here.