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21 04 2017

Celebrating David Wright’s latest window installation…

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Looks spectacular…




[Thanks to Martin Haskett for the headzup. n(Ed)]



Studio Files: David Wright…

11 05 2009

Apologies to those of you who’ve been patiently awaiting this post (especially you, BJ.) We’ve been a tad snowed under…




Our visit to Flinders last month provided the bonus opportunity of visiting artist David Wright in his studio – which is housed in a sweet old shop-front in the main street, just up from the General Store. (It used to be a tea-room, wethinks, when Megsie was a nipper…can’t quite remember…)

Anyhoo, how fabulous it was to drop in on David (however so briefly.) He’s been working with glass since the 1960’s and is one of this country’s original studio glass pioneers (…past prez of Ausglass/taught at Pilchuck/yadda, yadda – tick all the right boxes…although he’s inordinately modest, which is always refreshing.) 

Working predominently in architectural glass, his innovative kilnworking techniques have resulted in a signature style that’s lead to major national commissions and a long well-established international reputation. Perhaps his most famous commission is the Beth Temple Israel windows in Alma Rd, St Kilda (Melbourne) although he has many more besides (New Parli House, Cabrini Hospital, innumerable churches to cite but a few.) The work’s just wonderful.

The other fabbo aspect of David’s practice from our point of view is his long-term collaborative working relationship with one of our fave blokes of Oz glass – the inimitable James Thompson, kiln builder and crystal manufacturer non pareil (Blackwood Crystal). As you will be aware, James is the only producer of casting glass in this country and it’s the Gang’s casting glass of choice – not only because it’s home grown (though that is very important) but because it’s such a superior product. [Get with the program, people, Blackwood Crystal is the doo. n(Ed)]

Meanwhile, what a fabulous environment to work in – Flinders is heaven on earth, we reckon (though we are naturally biased, having grown up there!!), and just far enough from the madding crowd to be able to work undisturbed when you need to (until you get a Megsie hammering on your studio window…)

For snaps of the studio go here.

And here for encyclopedic info.