Pick of the Pops…

5 10 2017

Two of our fave glassies are in the comp spotlight atm…

Tevita in the Woollahra Sculpture Prize 2017 (opens Saturday week, 14th Oct)…


Tevita Havea, Tuna



And Netty in the Still: National Still Life Award 2017 at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery (exhibition opens 24th November)…


Annette Blair, A Place for Everything. (photo: Adam McGrath)


Big big love to both and fingers crossed for the win.

Meanwhile the field for the Woollahra has been posted, find it here, and we must confess to being a tad conflicted given that Mariana also made the cut…


Mariana del Castillo, The Feral Suitors. 


Voting can be done on-line for the Viewer’s Choice Award, so get on that!

[Meanwhile we’ll be posting a feature on Netty shortly, stay tuned… n(Ed)]




Glass spotto…

30 03 2016

The Gang was in the ‘Berra last week for the Richard William Wheater Neon workshop…


Richard Theater workshop at the Canberra Glassworks

(photo courtesy of Canberra Glassworks)

…which was very interesting and rather a serious stretch after an absence (in terms of practice) of well over a decade. [All good, of course, because if it was easy we wouldn’t bother! n(Ed)]

Anyhoo, we’re posting the highlights on Prisoners of the Crown as soon as we’ve waded through the mountain of snaps…but for the meantime thought we’d drop in some of those serendipitous additional pleasures; aka catch-ups…

Betty, Adam and Louie

Netty, Adam and Louie (beyond gorgeous)




Tom Rowney

Tom with some of his latest amazing works

Tom Rowney



Netty’s xmas treats…

3 12 2015

…and more.


studio sale 2015


Get on down.

News from the Netster…

10 01 2011

Just in from Netty;  she’s featuring in a show at the Chalk Horse gallery in Sydders during the Ausglass conference. Looks good (we rather fancy Harry and Alex’s work, too.)

And she’s got a funky little website up and running.

Looks like it’s countdown to the Conference. All systems go.

Netty and the Ranamok…

1 09 2008


Our Netster in the Canberra Times.

SOFA season 2007…

25 09 2007

Well, it’s that time of year again – everybody’s busy finishing and shipping off their pieces for SOFA Chicago. Netty’s sent us a preview of her piece, Collection, with detail, plus a separate work depicting the Debster (top left). Lovely composition, Netster.

Netty’s represented at SOFA by Kirra Gallery, Melbourne.

Craft’s newest Hallowed Hall…

14 09 2007


Yesterday, after catching the sparrow’s fart flight out of Canberra, the Gang had the best day out and about in Adelaide with the Leader of the Free Glass World, Debster Jones. From the hairy-port we beat a hasty track to Semaphore to drop off the bags and then walk along the beach to catch some brekky before taking in a quick tour of the local industrial highlights. 

And then… we were off to the real object of the whole exercise, Deb and Jess Loughlin’s mind-bogglingly fabulous new studio, Gate 8 – aka the church. Omigod!! Still in its final stages of revamp, this is one seriously drop-dead gorgeous workshop. It stands squarely at the godly end of industrial chic, and it’s guaranteed to set the creative spirits soaring. (We can feel a liturgical movement coming on just thinking about it…) Even the dunny’s first class (as in train carriage!!) and you can swing both the cat and a censer to your hearts content in this reassuringly solid, roomy and vaulted space. We’re coming back for a bit of a working bee on Saturday (we packed our shit-kickers specially), so we’ll get time to admire it even further then.

And then…we wandered over to ‘The Wheat’ for a quick ale before making our way to the Jam where we caught up with darling Netty Blair and gave her studio the quick once over before wandering down to oggle Dave, Jess and the-one-and-only Tom Moore doing their hot-shop thing.

The gallery was  still setting up for Klausie’s exhibition, but the foyer offering is in place – a classically fuggly Stephen Skillitzi show, almost impossible to describe (though we’ll give it a go in a coupla days.) We took photos of course, but we’ve had so much trouble processing them through the uploading hoopla for the blog that we’ll have to save most of the trip for a mammoth retrospective post once we get back home. Meanwhile suffice to say that the Skillitzi oeuvre is in screaming juxtaposition to Moje’s – and that’s an understatement. It’s hard to imagine a more bemusing curatorial coupling…

And then…we were off again – this time to the city market to gather superior tucker for dinner at home with Joe, Tom & Rosie, Netster, Michelle and Jacqu. Joe and Megsie got down to some dedicated dual risotto action while Tom and Rosie kept the pink cocktails coming and the girls whipped up a lovely lemon delicious for pudd. Perfeck.

We’re looking forward to the next coupla days, which are chocka-block with plentiful entertainments.  A bit of naff weather blew in from Canberra behind us, but we shan’t let it spoil our stay…   

We’ve finally been able to organise a snappy journal of the day…