24 05 2016

It’s beyond comprehension; two doting mothers indulgently filming their kids damaging an artwork by Shelly Xue at the Shanghai Museum of Glass…




Clearly the kids read the cordoned off area as a boxing/martial arts ring – something patently not discouraged by the moronic mothers.

Jesus wept!! Full story here.

[Thanks for the headzup, Nige, n(Ed)]

…meanwhile, where were the ubiquitously lurking gallery guards?


Where’s Nigel…

23 05 2016

Well, where was he more like; at the Frieze Art Fair in Noo Yawk, where he came across…



We’ve been a tad slack and didn’t post it at the time (and he has dropped it into his Facecrack page), but we’re always excited to get his gl-aaaass tid-bits when he’s off trotting around the globe.

Thanks Nige. Sweet.

Glass spotto…

15 04 2015

…well, metal really – with glass components.

The Gang’s little bro snapped these off for us as he fanged through Logan Airport (Boston.) He didn’t have time to catch the artist, but after a bit of internet stalking we’ve managed to track the relevant info down; sculptor Chris Williams (website here) – the piece is entitled Seascape…




Anyways, we searched the site and couldn’t find any mention of the gaffer. (But it was ever thus, eh.)

[Thanks Phil. n(Ed)]

Nob napery…

9 02 2015

Dah-lings!! The latest trend in napery (though it was probably big back in the ’70’s) – the phallic fold – spotted last night in Seminyak…

phallus fold

We imagine it’ll take off, big time.

[Takes you back, eh! n(Ed)]

Doggy bidet, on the Promenade at Nice…

2 09 2014

…yep, as in the French Riviera (snap courtesy of Sammy Jo)….




Dah-lings!! Consider this – Bega’s very own bidet de pooch!

We can definitely see a place for this kind of toilettage pour chien action at the new(ish) fountain in Bega’s revamped Littleton Gardens. How on-trend those Burghers of Bega are, eh. Formidable!

The Cocktail Files…

23 08 2014

Last mango in Monaco…





Yeah, we could handle some of that Côte d’Azur action.

The Cocktail Files…

21 08 2014

Bellini hour…



From Sammy Jo in Monaco (as we speak, lucky bugger.)