In a class of its own…

18 05 2017

Commission for Dior (New Bond Street): Timothy Horn, Gorgonian 4…




We are literally swooning – just GORGEOUS.


A match made in heaven…

3 05 2017

Timothy Horn’s commission for Dior, 57th St, New York…



Seriously divine.

Glass spotto…

30 03 2016

The Gang was in the ‘Berra last week for the Richard William Wheater Neon workshop…


Richard Theater workshop at the Canberra Glassworks

(photo courtesy of Canberra Glassworks)

…which was very interesting and rather a serious stretch after an absence (in terms of practice) of well over a decade. [All good, of course, because if it was easy we wouldn’t bother! n(Ed)]

Anyhoo, we’re posting the highlights on Prisoners of the Crown as soon as we’ve waded through the mountain of snaps…but for the meantime thought we’d drop in some of those serendipitous additional pleasures; aka catch-ups…

Betty, Adam and Louie

Netty, Adam and Louie (beyond gorgeous)




Tom Rowney

Tom with some of his latest amazing works

Tom Rowney



So-ooo sweet…

3 02 2016


Miniature calendar – follow it here (if you don’t already!)


29 01 2016

…blowing glass can lead to hair loss…

20150620: Canberra Galssworks Winter Glass Market. Photography by Sean Davey.

Lucky you’re a sheila Netster!!

On this day…

11 11 2015

…in 1880, our Neddie was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

A member of the Gang (stuck in Melbs waiting, waiting, waiting for a plane to Bali) took the opportunity to visit the scene of the crime this morning – arriving shortly after a group of Ned’s descendants, who’d gathered to leave floral tributes…


Vale Neddie; always in our thoughts. More snaps at Prisoners of the Crown, here.

Just want to lick it…

5 09 2015

In 2016 they expect to break ground for the transformation of Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal (NY) into a boutique hotel…



It’s beyond gorgeous…





(precursing JT! click to enlarge)

The terminal will ‘be retained’ as the lobby. Fingers crossed they don’t fuck it.

Background story on if it’s hip it’s here.

Photographer Max Touhey’s full suite of snaps on Curbed, here.

[We picture it full of sheikhs. n(Ed)]