The week that was…

27 02 2012

It’s been such a week at the Hideout, unbelievable. And we’ve been swapping computers so you’ve been spared some visuals, including Granny’s arrival with all those ubiquitous food and champers shots. And Benny and Jael and Olive dropped through for lunch. And all manner of other excitements. Never mind – we’re back on the diet anyhoo.

But Megsie’s had a lovely time doing the studio rounds…



…starting with Craig (who has an exhibition with Harry Townsend at the BVRG in April), and then Mattie (whose exhibition is next cab off the ranks at BVRG)…



…and who, incidently, has the best drop-cloth in his studio…



And finally the Public Programs Co-ordinator position at the BVRG was filled…



…by a fabulous sheila called – wait for it – Megan! What can we say, except dear oh dear. It will be a tad confusing but doesn’t matter. Perhaps we can use it as a tool to train peeps in the correct pronounciation of Megsie’s name; as in Megsie being a ‘may’ and Megan being a ‘mee’. One can but hope.

Meanwhile, Ging has been down and frollicking in the Bodalla lillies, which are getting taller by the year…



…and it’s been cocky-o-rama for days…





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