Show of the decade…

30 06 2010


The Gang was in seventh heaven Friday week ago at the opening of Something in the Air at CMAG. Everything about it was right up our alley – all our fave (Canberra) artists under one roof, all our fave (Canberra) folk at the launch, and the opening honours given to our fave Divo Director and Debonaire Man-About-Town, David Broker.

How much better does it get, we asks ya?

It’s not even vaguely hyperbolic to rave about this show – this is seminal Canberra Arts Biz. All power to curator Deb Clarke and Mark Van Veen for putting together an exciting and incredibly significant survey of assemblage and collage practice in the ACT – from the longest list of stellar artists imaginable, including Rosalie Gascoigne…

Ingo Kleinert…

Andrew Townsend…

Waratah Lahy…

Mariana Del Castillo…

Vivienne Binns…

Amanda Stuart…

and…and…sooooo much more…too many artists, too many to-die-for works to mention…

If you don’t bother to pull your finger out for any other show, you categorically MUST catch this one. Treats like this are way too far and few between.

For additional, enticing snaps and a sweep of all the bewdiful people, go here.

It’s on for 4 months. Great show, great catalogue, great EVERYTHING.

Gang rating: we’re talking FIVE STARS, baby.



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