Show of the decade…

30 06 2010


The Gang was in seventh heaven Friday week ago at the opening of Something in the Air at CMAG. Everything about it was right up our alley – all our fave (Canberra) artists under one roof, all our fave (Canberra) folk at the launch, and the opening honours given to our fave Divo Director and Debonaire Man-About-Town, David Broker.

How much better does it get, we asks ya?

It’s not even vaguely hyperbolic to rave about this show – this is seminal Canberra Arts Biz. All power to curator Deb Clarke and Mark Van Veen for putting together an exciting and incredibly significant survey of assemblage and collage practice in the ACT – from the longest list of stellar artists imaginable, including Rosalie Gascoigne…

Ingo Kleinert…

Andrew Townsend…

Waratah Lahy…

Mariana Del Castillo…

Vivienne Binns…

Amanda Stuart…

and…and…sooooo much more…too many artists, too many to-die-for works to mention…

If you don’t bother to pull your finger out for any other show, you categorically MUST catch this one. Treats like this are way too far and few between.

For additional, enticing snaps and a sweep of all the bewdiful people, go here.

It’s on for 4 months. Great show, great catalogue, great EVERYTHING.

Gang rating: we’re talking FIVE STARS, baby.

Errol and Skid…

30 06 2010

…(sigh) our kinda guy.

Opening tomorrow night (1st July) at CCAS Manuka.

From 6pm.

Coming up at ANCA…

29 06 2010

Ooo-er, now that looks interesting…

Gala evening for FSCLAPscholarship…

26 06 2010

The Gang had a big night out with Brigitte, John and Sansy at the grand cocktail part-ay and art auction for the Far South Coast Living Artist Project mob, held in Bermagui the weekend before last. It was our maiden outing to the affair and we were a tad surprised at how overwhelmingly local it was. (We’d expected to see the odd deep pocketed out-of-towner, but perhaps the GFC’s put the brakes on that.)

Anyhoo, the lighting was dreadful (note to selves, dress down in future), the food was great (good on yooz, Shazza, Anna and Lois – top job) and, thanks to good company, we enjoyed an entertaining evening.

And ended up with some booty and all – a Craig Cameron painting…

Noice.  And a super cool cup and jug set by Margaret Brown (on its way to Burma as we speak.) Bonus.

We were staying the night at Wapengo where, it goes without saying, we had lots more aprés fun besides…

Snaps of all the beautiful peeps at the FSCLAP’s do here.

Link to the FSCLAP website here.

Better than a postcard from Burma…

24 06 2010

…herself, in the flesh, instead. The Gang’s been totally pre-occupied this last super-extended weekend with a whirlwind visit from Sammy Jo. She flew in and out with such breathtaking alacrity that all we could do was make the most of it and party hard. So much so that the only snaps are the odd morning after shots, and quiet recovery sessions at the beach…

We did manage to squeeze in a quick dash to the ‘Berra for Something in the Air. More of that later.

Meanwhile Sammy Jo’s already winging her way back to the Road to Mandalay – and we’ve all settled back into our quiet country comforts (the slippers, the fire, and the bloodless Kev coup…)

Coming to GAD…

24 06 2010

 Abundant Highlights

An extensive array of architectural models, selected from the Australian exhibition at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice 2008

Media Release                                   

Abundant Australia – Highlights from the 11th Venice Architecture


10am Thursday 1 July until 4pm Saturday 24 July

Following the phenomenal success at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice 2008, models from the Abundant Australia Exhibition will be showing at the Gallery of Australian Design (GAD) in partnership with the Australian Institute of Architects.

The Abundant exhibition in Venice showcased over 300 interpretive models from abstract forms to architectural fragments, responding to the Venice Biennale Director Aaron Betsky’s theme: ‘Out there: architecture beyond the building’. It is a reinstallation reminiscent of the original ‘garden of architectural artefacts’, curated by Creative Directors Neil Durbach, Vince Frost, Wendy Lewin, Kerstin Thompson & Gary Warner.
The ‘Abundant Highlights’ exhibition will see over 100 of these models, from emerging and established practices around Australia. This exhibition uses models to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Australia’s architectural practice, highlighting Australia’s diverse architectural history and inspirational future.


This is the final showing of ‘Abundant Highlights’, as it returns to Australia after touring Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia. Prior to this, it featured in Victoria’s State of Design Festival, and exhibited in Sydney’s Object Gallery.

Australian presentation selected and supported by Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design. Abundant Highlights is a major project of the Australian Institute of Architects. from 10am Thursday 1 July until 4pm Saturday 24 July 2010

Wednesday to Saturday 10-4pm
44 Parkes Place PARKES ACT 2600
Southern Foreshore Lake Burley Griffin

Australian presentation selected and supported by Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design. Abundant Highlights is a major project of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Catherine Lassen Architecture in collaboration with Jasper Knight House Miles, Little Forest, NSW Design team: Catherine Lassen, Anna Ciliberto, Natalie Miles, Jasper Knight
Image: Constructed Object – Entrance 1:100 Photo: Alex Kershaw

Cultcha catch-up…

24 06 2010

Darlings!! We’ve been stuck in relentless social butterfly mode for a fortnight; so much to see, so much to do, no time to stop and post. We’ll do our darndest to roll it out in some sort of semblance of order…

We’ve lots to bring from the Shirley Hannan, but have decided to tie it together in a neat monthly bow; as in all the highlights, some of which are still to come (winner Mathew Lynn will be giving a floortalk next week, and a plethora of other goodies besides…)

So we’ll start with Bob Georgeson’s show at Ivy Hill Gallery, which followed hard on the heels of the Shirley Hannan opening.

Great gig, we love Bob’s work. It appeals enormously to our natural sense of religious anarchy. As in, take that George Pell.

…yeah baby, and so much more besides…

It’s a jolly good smutty romp’n’giggle, backed up with pl-enty of serious intellectual rigour (which always works for us, let’s face it.)

More than just another cheap chapter in churchy ch-enanigans, this work is beautifully realised and worrisomely credible.

[From the POV of the cult of the catechism, Bob’s doomed for purgatory for sure and for certain…but we’ll all be along for the party, yessir. n(Ed)]

Meanwhile, pics of many happily compliant sinners here.

Get in quick, on until the 28th June.