iconophilia launch…

31 05 2009

Latest big news is the launch of Nigel’s new bloggo iconophilia. Great name. Check it out here, and whack it into your favourites…


Guessing game…

30 05 2009

Does this help?



Sometimes it really isn’t about size – but we thought that scale might be a useful clue. It’s a cutey, eh!

(And no, it’s not the hand of the maker.)

This Saturday at Candelo…

28 05 2009


In the pink…

28 05 2009

magentamorningRachel Burns, Magenta Morning, oil on canvas

Check out Rach’s website, it’s gorgey…

Glass Central Canberra turns two…

27 05 2009

…yes folks, the bloggo has now been up and running for two whole years! And to celebrate the terrible tooz we thought we’d give you a special treat in the guise of a little party game…




There’s a bottle of Rocky Hall red (shiraz) in it for the glass aficionado who manages to put a name to each of the makers of these objets d’art (pictured above) from the Gang’s own (very eclectic) collection.

Wild guesses accepted.

The Klaus-meister on Radio National…

27 05 2009

Untitled_1978Klaus Moje, Untitled 1978, fused glass.

Radio National’s Artworks ran a feature on Klausie last Sunday – those who missed it can catch up with all the action here.

There’s a whole suite of goodies – from radio to video to picture gallery – produced by Bill Brown…

And speaking of Nic…

27 05 2009

…it’s probably a good time to slip in his ‘studio file’…



(above) Nicholas Folland in his studio in Adders.

You know, he’s such a lovely bloke, the art’s a bonus! Must be that Adelaide factor, we figure.

No but seriously, Nic Folland’s work is fabulous. Bold and exploratory (both in subject and intent) his installations are a thrilling construct of natural phenomena and epic narrative – caught in that moment just beyond the sound and fury. A Taming of the Shew – the shrew being Nature. Truly…(look out Nige, here comes the ‘A’ word) awesome.

Anyhoo, there’s nothing more interesting than a voyeuristic peek around an artist’s studio/abode. We love that sense of creative arrest; the mess of collected gew-gaws, the space pregnant with possibility, nothing ever quite abandoned…

Nic’s been collecting lots of crystal/pressed glass of late (symbolic of  civilization’s creep), though of course by now most of it will have made it into the piece at the Samstag. 







For more about Nic go here  and here  and  here  and here (pages 10 & 19), just for a start.