Postcard from New York: Tevita, the toast of town…

7 04 2009


The Gang arrived back from Melbourne tonight with a swag of goodies to show’n tell, only to find an email from Noo Yawk with all the hot g(l)oss from Tevita’s fabulous night-of-nights as Urban Glass’s hot New Talent  – so naturally everything else has immediately been put on hold…




Too good. We couldn’t decide which snap to headline it with – the hunky spunk himself, or the cute could-be-pacific-nose-rub with Jane Bruce!! We’ve opted for both…




Looks like a fabulous time was had by all and serious congrats and best wishes to Tevita (who of course we all adore madly, how could we not?)

Go here for all the pics – loved the snaps of Eddie […but not sure if the ‘puto’ title has any significance….? Being married to a Sicilian, it does kinda have connotations…we’ll take it under advisement.  n(Ed)]




One response

9 04 2009

He looks like a friggin superstar! And so sharply dressed.. Go Tevita!!

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