Heaven on wheels…

2 07 2015

We want one bad…



The new Bowlus Road Chief  – beyond divine. Check it out on ‘If it’s hip it’s here‘.

A prophet at the very least…

2 07 2015

There’s a lather of news around the arts traps as David Walsh sells Chris Ofili’s Holy Virgin for record readies (he’s building a new wing at MONA)…



But what hit the nail on the head for us was his statement regarding the de-accessioning…

“I’ve made my money gambling. And here, at this auction, I’m gambling again. My gamble isn’t that you will pay enough for these works to justify my selling. My wager is that the future, for me and my museum, is more rewarding than the past.”

Is this man the Arts messiah? We really think so!!


Glass spotto…

25 06 2015





Ooh la la! Yummy 3-D leadlight…



Adam Kurtzman, Eiffel, 2015, leaded glass and concrete

Lots more goodies here.

Ned Kelly in Art…

22 06 2015

Ned Kelly in Art at CMAG

Megsie joined Dr Deborah Hart (National Gallery of Australia) and Clare Williamson (State Library of Victoria) on the discussion panel for Ned Kelly in Art at CMAG on Saturday.

And what a thoroughly enjoyable session it turned out to be!

Ned Kelly in Art

More at the Prisoners of the Crown website, here.

Kelly biz!!!…

18 06 2015

PANEL Ned Kelly in Art

Ooh, lovely – focus on our favourite bloke! On this Saturday arvo, at CMAG.

(Click image to enlarge text)

Sophie and Jono! Yay…

17 06 2015

Soph and Jono, two of our fave creatives (that’s the new descriptive, apparently – get with the program peeps)…

Sophie and Jono

…had a very cool spread in the Newcastle Herald – check it out here.

[Thanks Jac. n(Ed)]  

That’s not a miniature…

15 06 2015


This is a miniature…










Merely being small (as in a smaller version of one’s work) does not a miniature make. There’s a critical difference in the scale stakes, folks.

Miniature = tiny. It’s the cuteness that delivers the charm and the demonstration of über dexterity that gives it the wow factor.

Just saying, ‘cos it’s been niggling us for years.

Meanwhile, Kiva Ford’s website here.



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