The Bundian Way…

3 09 2015

Fabbo exhibition currently showing at the ANU School of Art Gallery…




…coinciding with the launch of John Blay’s new book, On Track: searching out the Bundian Way. Such a wonderful project (can’t wait for the eventual opening of the track…) Backstory here.


Opening next week…

29 08 2015

Such a treat – Nicola Dickson’s latest work will be launched at Beaver (3rd Sept)


What a lovely way to celebrate Spring.

[Thanks for the headzup Jacq. n(Ed)]

Glass spotto…

29 08 2015

New Gen lady lamps…



Dame by Carlesso

Launched at Milan Design Week – check ’em out here.

Funny buggers…

29 08 2015

Award winning bong for the design cognoscenti




Ah, it takes us back – when we first started glass at ANU SoA, dear Stephen Procter (our guiding light, forever missed) had one standing edict for the hotshop; making bongs was a certified no-no. That not withstanding, we found this article in if it’s hip it’s here most amusing. Give yourself a giggle.

Glass spotto…

27 08 2015


James Maskrey, GBP

Very cute. Featured in Essence 2015, here.


25 08 2015



…a Shapeways 3D printed glass vase.  We’re going to stop looking now.

And so it flourishes…

25 08 2015




3D-o-rama from Prodways…here.


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